Executive Summary

Based in Bramley, Johannesburg, Office Gear offers a ”One Stop Shop” with products and pricing that keeps our clients happy.


We have always believed that the key to our success is our ability to please our clients, and give them the best service that we can. As we continue expanding our service offering, you’ll see a regular increase in the type of new products we supply, while we expand further into the technology market, and continue to improve the lives of all our online shoppers.


At Office Gear, we always put the customers experience first, and that helps us stand out in this industry. Office Gear is the place to find and discover anything customers might want to buy online, at the lowest possible prices.

Our Mission

To add value so that others can do what’s important to them. 


Our commitment to meeting our clients needs made the change an easy decision, and that’s when our Office and Stationery supplying company really came to life. We’ve significantly expanded our product categories to include a wide range of different products and supplies, making Office Gear a truly competitive player in the industry

Our Catalogue

To learn more about our wide variety of products we offer, take a look at our different categories and explore low priced products. Our products and categories include the following:


Office Gear also has an online procurement system that has been designed to replace traditional sales channels, as well as empower our customers with more convenient ordering and payment options. Our online procurement system is hassle free and streamlines all processes. The price you see online is the price you pay.